Cité des Enfants or ‘the city of children’ at Playnation Mirdif City Centre aims to provide an exciting mix of education and entertainment for children between the ages of two and seven with a focus on learning and acquiring key skills in a fun and safe environment.

Cité des Enfants offers a fascinating yet varied and unique experience, allowing children to grow, learn and explore new and exciting opportunities. The experience offers five fun-filled focus areas of discovery, helping children to:

·                     Build their individual and social identity
·                     Define their spatial and time related reference points
·                     Enhance their thought processes and stimulate their quest for knowledge
·                     Develop their first scientific and technical experiments
·                     Foster cognitive maturing and to exercise the body (specifically designed for non-reading visitors)

Cité des Enfants, founded by Cite des Sciences le Industrie (CSI) in Paris, will encourage kids to test their limits, discover hidden talents or develop new ones and acquire fresh skills enhancing their mental health and making them smarter individuals.

Cité des Enfants isn’t just for children. Parents, carers and teachers who accompany the children are considered educational partners and are an integral part of this unique experience. Together, you too can experience the joy of discovery and intrigue with your children.

We welcome you to Cité des Enfants and look forward to a brighter and happier future for your children.