I need help quickly. I probably have the hardest job of step-parenting then anybody. I am raising a step daughter, 9, my daughters from previous marriage 14, and 11, and have 3 children from this marriage, 10 months, 2 1/2 and 4. Also my step childrens’ mother has been deceased for almost 4 years.

I am having problems with the 9 year old because she and I both are very jealous people. I try to do everything fairly and evenly. My husband says sometimes I don’t when he’s the one who treats her like she is a queen, sneaking her money on the side for no reason He gets very moody when she goes to visit her aunt (her mother’s sister) though he never got along with his ex wife. He doesn’t get along with my 2 daughters too well. It’s ok for him to yell and punish my 2 year old but not OK for me to do it to his daughter. His son is no problem and never was.

His mother and brother always treat these two as something special. Which I feel is wrong. I could go on and on. My ex husband is still in the picture with my 2 daughters which my current husband doesn’t like. It’s not fair if they get something from their father because his daughter doesn’t. But she has everybody else giving to her. He works the craziest hours in the world. But raising all they kids and nobody to talk to about my problems is very difficult.

I love all my children and my husband but need some type of help. So if you can suggest a good book that may help me deal with things the right way let me know. We have been together almost 7 years and pulled our selves out of a big hole. We have a beautiful home and the kids are not doing without. The only one doing without is myself. Everyone else gets everything they need. My nine month old is a handful himself. He never sleeps all night. He seems like he is insecure. As long as I pick him up and nurse him back to sleep he’s ok. I’m lacking sleep therefore lacking patience. I am doing the job of staying home with my kids, but need some air. It’s hard to take 3 little ones with you everywhere.